The Why

Why am I blogging?

I guess the simple answer is because I’ve always had this driving need to make sense of the world. “Why?” has been an echoing query pulsing through the veins of my life to push me towards order and lists. The pursuit of the “why” has been helpful as my curiosity makes me a learner, an observer and a motivated researcher with a thirst for knowledge. The sharp edge of the seeking is the restlessness that it sometimes causes. Asking “why” can also bring feelings of shame when an answer is simply”because” or perhaps there is no answer, or one that is complex. Often answers are unknowable and those grey areas distress me to no end.

What brings me peace is that our Heavenly Father possesses all Truth. As Creator, He has placed everything in order with purpose. Being outside of time allows Him to orchestrate perfectly the happenings of all things. Knowing Him has put so many periods where questions marks used to be. He answers my deep wonderings and sheds light on the “whys” that can be answered on this side of heaven. For the remaining questions in my troubled heart, He reminds me of His nature, His power, and His promises to me, His beloved child.

The quest for “Why” is the hunt for Truth. Truth is beautiful and freeing and I crave it with every fiber of my being. I’m writing to discover and experience Truth. The more revelations the Lord has revealed, the more I know about myself, others, and the world. My goal is to share some revelations in hope that you will¬†encounter Truth and experience freedom.

I will be sharing

-Blog posts on daily living, Biblical principals, revelations from the Lord, & prayers

-Sermon series, Bible studies topics

-Journaling topics/prompts for reflection

-Book reviews from Christian authors

Fellow Truth-seekers and questionioners, join me in pursuit of Truth. Let’s reflect on God’s grace and goodness, and ultimately know Him better to live in freedom through the depth of his powerful love.

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