I was asked recently, “What does surrender look like to you?” And my answer was something along the lines of being backed into a corner, with nowhere else to go. My answer reveals a lot about my struggles. This definition of surrender exposes my desperate need to feel in control; surrender is a last resort option that feels like defeat.

After giving my answer I was then asked, “What does surrender to Jesus look like?” I’d like to say that my answer was much more humble and open to being in need. It wasn’t. So, instead I answered with what I want surrender to Jesus to look like: like a person lying on a stretcher.

Being on a stretcher means being aware of your need and having complete dependence on someone else for aid. A person on a stretcher is not ashamed of needing help and accepts it thankfully and graciously. You can’t trust your own strength on a stretcher, instead you have to trust fully in the expertise of the person treating you.

I don’t want to feel shame when I need help. I want to have the confidence and security of the person on a stretcher in my complete reliance on my Savior. I want to embrace the good news of the gospel: it is not based on my effort and it is good to need and rely on Jesus.


What does surrender look/feel like?

What is an area of my life that is difficult to surrender? 

What is the most difficult part of surrendering?

How does the character of God ease the discomfort of surrender? 

Does my perception of surrender need to be adjusted? 

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