New Years & Altars

The stretch of days between Christmas and the new year are a strange purgatory of old and new. While the old year is a dirty yard of snow littered with footprints, the new year is laid out in a quiet blanket of cold and perfect hope; unsoiled yet by the trampling of life.These “in-between days” force us to stand on the brink of past and present. Forcing us to look behind to see all that we have stepped in. Forcing us to look ahead to all that is before us.

Even in the infant days of the new year, I continue to be solemn and reflective. I keep asking myself: What have I learned? How have I changed? What have I accomplished?

One of my favorite study topics of Bible study is the faith of the patriarchs in the Old Testament. One consistent theme in the patriarchs’ journey with the Lord is the building are altars. Altars are a place to meet with God and to offer sacrifices, they are also a place for remembering.

Perhaps that’s why so many church events are placed at an altar. Worship services are centered around altars where congregations come to adore, to offer their hearts, and to remember how good God is and that Christianity is a faith journey within a community. Wedding vows are exchanged at an altar so that God would be in the midst of a union. This location represents the forever sacrifice involved in caring for a spouse. The event is at an altar, in front of friends and loved ones, so that everyone will remember the couple’s commitments.

I’d like to dedicate this period of transition between 2017 and 2018 as an altar.

I choose to worship God because I don’t have to wait for a new year for fresh starts. He is the God of redemption; of second chances. He is always faithful and He never gives up on me. His love is perfect, unending, unrelenting, complete, and satisfying.  He shows His love in so many ways and I endeavor to recognize and declare them to the world.

I offer my life to Him. Take my heart Lord, consecrate it unto You. May the light of your Truth expose anything that is not of You. Amen.

I choose to remember now the greatness of His mercies, and the sufficiency of His grace as I head into this freshly fallen snow of more time on this Earth. I want to return to this blog post, to this knowledge of His promises so that I may live for Him.


What was the most challenging part of 2017?

What are some of the highlights from 2017?

In what ways has God met my needs during the past year?

In what ways do I need His presence in the upcoming year?

What promises do I need to be reminded of now? 

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