“Then you will know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free” John 8 32

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a pack-rat; I prefer things to be neat and organized. But, I’m learning that I tend to be a saver (even if all the things are labeled and in cute storage bins!). For example, I’ve kept every day planner I’ve ever used since middle school. I also save movie tickets, I have dozens of photo albums, a hat box of birthday cards and trinkets from childhood, and a drawer full of journals I’ve kept over the years. The past few years, I’ve kept a black Moleskine journal with me at all times to write down lessons I’m learning, sermon notes, and different things I’m pondering.

I’d like to share those thoughts from my store of memories and journal entries.  I believe that God is constantly working for the redemption of all things, people, and actions. I aim to be about  the work of God by speaking truth and offering hope.

May you encounter Truth and find true freedom in Christ.


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